Tieto launches a new full-fledged 4G/LTE Diameter routing and interworking solution

Tieto is the largest Nordic IT services company providing full life-cycle services for both private and public sectors. The company has global presence through its product engineering business and the global delivery centers.


25 February 2013 - The carrier cloud enabled Diameter Signaling Controller including Diameter Mediation Gateway has the unique functionality and scalable capacity needed to meet the exploding data volumes of tomorrow. The Diameter Mediation Gateway enables interworking with existing legacy networks and nodes in a new outstanding way.

A full-fledged 4G/LTE Diameter routing and interworking solution - Tieto Diameter Signaling Controller, including Diameter Mediation Gateway - will be launched at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The new Diameter Mediation Gateway enables interworking with existing legacy networks and nodes, as an add-on to the established Tieto Diameter Signaling Controller solution. These offerings help network equipment providers (NEPs) and operators to solve a number of issues in the 4G/LTE mobile networks needed to secure the anticipated huge increase in mobile data capacity and for legacy interconnect. The combined solution is fully Carrier Cloud enabled and can be deployed on virtualized platforms.

Data volumes for mobile applications are expected to grow with 4000 percent by 2020. To meet the challenges in mobile data growth, Tieto's Diameter Signaling Controller provides a flexible, robust and secure solution for reducing the overall signaling load and simplifies network configuration scenarios in rollouts. The Diameter Signaling Controller also secures efficient intra-network connectivity.

The massive growth of data volumes is largely attributed to more extensive use of smartphones and tablet devices. There is going to be a challenge for operators to handle the increase signaling traffic as a consequence of the staggering data volumes. Current IP-based infrastructure is not built to handle the increased 4G/LTE Diameter signaling traffic in a secure and flexible manner. Diameter is the key signaling protocol in 4G/LTE networks and is required for interaction in a number of scenarios.

As one of the world's largest suppliers of signaling solutions, Tieto's products are used in more than 100 networks by all major operators. In total over 25,000 nodes worldwide use Tieto's signaling solutions for telecommunications. With more than 25 years in the signaling business and in-depth application and network knowledge, Tieto is the partner of choice for leading NEPs and System Integrators.

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